#SundayThoughts: The Power of Believing In Yourself

Most of times we are our toughest critics. No one truly knows to which extent youre capable of doing something more than you are. Which is why sometimes we’re so hard on ourselves, thats been the case for me at times. However, that doesnt mean others cant see your potential as well.

Most times those people are our mentors, close friends, family members etc. Having a support system can be extremely helpful. Im grateful for everyone that believes in me and my capability to succeed in everything I do but whats most important is that I believe it myself. When you dont have or cant get a hold of your support system its on you to remind yourself you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to and work for.

When you believe in yourself you walk differently. You carry a confidence that no one can break. You trust yourself to carry out what ever plan you have to get where youre trying to go. While on your life journey you may find believing in yourself makes it much easier to stay positive.

Ive been lucky enough to say ive always had someone in my corner to remind me of my potential and how much greater I can be. There were times even though I knew I had my people I felt alone because lets be real it can feel that way sometimes if your mind isnt in the right place. Even in those moments when I felt I was alone I learned I had to be my own support system. I had to learn to push myself.

Finding a good support system is important but learning to be your own is just as important. Unfortunately we cant guarantee who will be around tomorrow because life takes twist and turns we truly cant always predict.

I had to learn to remind myself of the many obstacles ive already overcome. That motivates me to keep going and pushing towards my goals. When things get tough I think to myself, things have been worse and things could be even worse you’ll be alright.

I cant take or give to much credit to anyone without saying my faith in God hasnt also played a big part in my confidence and capability to easily believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I pray alot. I remind myself that its not my will but His. What was meant for me no one can truly take but him. If one door closes a million others have opened and I always thank God first for that.

What are youre thoughts on believing in yourself to succeed or get through something? Do you struggle with it? How have you overcome your obstacles? Id love to hear from you. Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

With love,