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“What motivates you to workout?”

Ive gotten this question many times and I think this is the hardest question for me to answer lately because I havent felt motivated to workout since January 2018.

Now dont get it twisted I did hit the gym or outside trails a few times as attempts of getting back to the grind cause working out was my thing. It became my way to clear my mind so imagine only doing that a few times within 9 months you can say ive been pretty backed up mentally.

Had you asked me before I wouldve said “me” very enthusiastically. I motivated myself to workout and keep working out for multiple reason. Knowing im strengthening my body motivated me. I felt unstoppable in a sense. I was proud of my wieghtloss achievement and still am. Call me Amanda “Superwoman” Rose!

Unfortunately im just not where I was anymore mentally I wish I was and I know I can get there again because all it takes is action. Just like when I started off my weight loss journey almost two years ago. I just got up and did it! I didnt feel good I was tired, depressed, and anxious all the time but one day I made the decision to force myself into the happy healthy me that I became.

Though I am ashamed to admit it ive fallen back into that same sort of rut that I was in post weightloss. Where I just dont feel motivted to do much but lay in my bed with a box of pizza right by my side. Hence my absence from my blog (my sincere apologies).

Now before we get into this let me say I dont think Im depressed because I remember way worse times this is far from that. Although my grandmother would probably disagree but I digress. Right now unless you actually visit my blog you might not find me on any social media network. Im not hiding im writing 😉

I felt like I needed a big break from everything. I needed to clear my mind and focus on being motivated by myself again, not by what was surrounding me. This is way over due but who says epiphones have a set time frame haha.

So in honor of this question im going to workout today I dont want to but I will because 60 year old me would appreciate it. Get up and get motivated! Its not easy but so worth it!