Aright where do I start? Lets go back to February really quick because this album definitely deserves recognition especially since I replayed it everyday on the way and back from work. February and March belong to none other than Nipsey Hustle for his album “Victory Lap“. I love music that tells a story and hip hop has aways done that and done it exceptionally well. Every song you can hear the work put in, the grind and the hustle. I appreciate music like this it motivates you to go out and get it and thats what a lot of us need whether on the way to the gym, work, or just trying to escape your reality “Victory Lap” is an album you must hear.

Now, This week, month, and perhaps for the rest of 2018 like many of you I will be listening to “Invasion of Privacy” Cardi B‘s debut album. There was so much hype, so much prolonging, and plenty speculations but she lived up to it all. I have so much love for this girl as if she was my homegirl and we grew up on the block together. Its inspiring to see her climb from watching her videos on instagram, to being on love and hip hop, dropping this jewel of an album, and announcing her pregnancy on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

 I like to think when you’re from the Bronx you naturally just have this sauce and Cardi B has that sauce. To say I loved this album is an understatement! It would be the fan in me to say every song was fire but if I were to say any song was getting skipped it would be “She Bad“. Only reason would be because I wasn’t so thrilled by YG’s feature on the track. She impressed the hell out of me with her vocals on “Thru Your Phone“. At first I was so torn wether or not that was her but it was confirmed via @iamcardiB on Twitter when she was asked who was singing on it. Though it was quickly discovered that she didn’t write”Be Careful” can you really think of anyone else doing a better job on that track? No one could deliver that like she did! She then adds Kehlani on “Ring” and Sza on “I Do” who deliver effortlessly as expected. Chance The Rapper can even be heard on this and if you’re like me you love almost anything Chance gets on. I love his open love and appreciation for all that God has done in his life its so genuine and refreshing. Cardi doesn’t stop there she also gets features from Bad Bunny and J Balvin, two latino artist who have been booming on the charts. Bad Bunny being one of my personal favorites currently leading the trap reggaeton wave. If he doesn’t go down in history as one of the greats along Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Daddy Yankee, Hector El Father etc. I’d be beyond surprised. The album as a whole is everything her fans wanted and more. She showed up and showed out and reminded people no matter where you come from you are your only competition. If you focus on the goal and work for it you’ll get there! Trophies are well deserved for her team she’s up there on a throne lets hope Nicki comes with the grind to match whats coming out of the Bronx right now.

Shortly after this amazing gem was released Drake comes along and give us “Nice For What” and I can’t get enough of it. If you aren’t familiar with the sound, drizzy is introducing you to the wonders of the New Orleans bounce music. He had me pulling my phone out to hit them angles. Reminding us women we don’t have to be nice to you fellas if we don’t want to and he didn’t wait to long to give of visuals for this amazing gift of a song :

It was an exciting weekend for me to say the least. I listen to most genres, I love music and talking about it gets me excited. Its my thing but nothing tugs at my heart like Hip-Hop/Rap and Salsa. I was Born in the bronx, I’ve spent plenty time there, and Its the mecca of Hip Hop I think it would be crazy if I wasn’t so excited about this post. What have you been listening to? What genre gets you the most excited to talk about?