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February: lots of love not enough time

Hi!! So, I started writing my first series of post and I’ve probably rewritten these weightloss post at least 3 times. I want to make sure i don’t leave anything out and at the same time theres that little voice inside that says maybe I’m sharing too much. This past month I struggled a lot with self doubt and questioning how much I should be sharing. It takes a lot to expose your struggles and do it knowing people are listening. I am very grateful for my audience and though it can be scary I feel its my job to be 100% honest and transparent with the things I am choosing to share with you all. I’ve also gained weight and to many of your surprise im very happy about it. We will get into it later but i wasn’t very happy with my weight hitting 159. For those of you following my snapchat and instagram stories you probably noticed the lack of posts on there as well. Usually im very good about documenting my workout routines and I will get back to that asap. The month of February was a busy month for me and March has already proven to be even more busy. Though the content on this site is really for me to express myself it is also for you. With that said I’m going to do better to get more content out this month. I know you all are watching and waiting for what’s next and I promise to balance this crazy busy time in my life so that we can continue learning and growing together.