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First off, I cannot express how excited I am to share this with you all! I love being able to connect and share with like minded individuals like yourselves. To choose one category to write about was almost impossible because who I am consists of so much more than just one thing.  Here is a break down of what you can expect from this site :

Health/Fitness: This section will cover my 100 pound+ weight loss journey, what keeps me motivated, workouts for couples and for solo training! It won’t stop there, as hard as it is to be this open I will also cover my struggles with anxiety and depression. Mental health is just as important as physical and it really all ties into each other.

Beauty: I LOVE makeup and hair so much! So, I will be sharing my favorite products, how I restored my dry dead hair to its natural moisturized curliness, even how I helped my partner with his hair, and much more.

Music: I am a music geek! I like to joke and say that I think and speak in song lyrics. Here you will find some of my favorite local artist and their work. Im always excited to learn about and share the artist I find in my hometown. This section will also contain my favorite playlist, albums, and even my own music!

Fashion: This will consists of my favorite stores to shop for clothing both everyday and workout apparel. Ranging from my favorite local brands, to tips on dressing for special events, and even some of my favorite outfits might pop up on you.

Love: Here I will share my own relationship experiences, tips, and date ideas in the central Florida area.

I look forward to sharing with you!